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VIP Doctor Ambulance Services (VAS)

VIP Doctor Ambulance Services is a branch of the VIP Healthcare; fully equipped and staffed to provide preeminent Emergency Services in accord with the DCAS Regulations and Guidelines.

Advanced Life Support (ALS) Paramedics, Pre-hospital Providers, Intermediate Paramedics, EMTs (Emergency Medical Technicians) & BLS (Basic Life Support) Ambulance Drivers are part of the Ambulance crew.

Level 5 & Level 6 Ambulances- Fully equipped with the ALS equipment and Medications; including MICU (Mobile Intensive Care Unit); Dual Automatic Loading Stretchers, Defibrillator, LifePak 20e with 12 Lead ECG, Portable Oxygen equipment, Stylettes for Intubation; Adult & Pediatric Airway supply, Dual patient & Squad bench, ect..

VAS Ambulance & Vehicle department owns: 4 Vehicles of Level-5 Ambulances and a Fleet 7 Vehicles of Level-6 ALS Ambulances.

Level 5 & Level 6 Ambulances are hailed “the World’s Highest standards and most advanced vehicles for patients’ transfer”

Standby Ambulance with ALS crew, Standby Ambulance with GP Doctor Onsite, Events’ Patient shifting is part of the VAS.

VAS operates at highest levels of standards of operations and tech latest equipment in conjunction with DCAS & national ambulance services.

VIP Doctor Ambulance Services covers mass gatherings, polo games, big events & activities (social, sport, entertainment, exhibition or conference), sports matches & Hotel Functions in the city of Dubai.

Our Strength emerges from the fact that the background on the company is healthcare provider with Clinical practice; Branching the Paramedics and Ambulance services ensures a higher quality in delivering the services to match highest standards of patients safety and injury prevention; as the teams onsite and en-route remote teams are always monitored and guided by the Medical Doctors and the establishment Medical Director.